Added Storage to Xbox 360 Arcade Models

Xbox 360 Arcade
Xbox 360 Arcade

Recently, members of the XboxHacker forum have found out that Microsoft has been shipping consoles with a new Jasper model that allowed for twice the storage. While Microsoft hasn’t commented on it at the time, it seems as if they stealthily upgraded the storage to twice of what it once was. Well, now it’s official and Microsoft confirms it. Xbox 360 Arcade consoles now ship with a whopping 512 mb of storage.

A Microsoft spokes person says that they are doubling the size from 256MB to 512MB to offer consumers a bit more memory at the same low price, for added Xbox live experience. The new Xbox 360 Arcade models with the Jasper unit have been shipping since April of 2009.

Personally, 512 seems useless to me and a lot others. That can’t even fit a demo, really. I know it’s not for the hardcore gamers, but 512mb is just pathetic, I think anyway. But to each his own I guess, I personally am happy with 20gb of storage, and I could even use more.

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