iPhone Commodore 64 Emulator Denied

Commodore 64
Commodore 64

A pretty nifty emulator was made by Manomio, and submitted to the App store. Manomio’s C64 Emulator wasn’t accepted by Apple, and not for licensing reasons as one might expect at first. The app isn’t following the App terms, an app may not itself install or launch any other executable code by any means. Or to make things simple, it means you can’t run roms.

However, what Apple doesn’t seem to realize is that a number of App’s already break this rule. Including Sega’s Golden Axe and Sonic’s iPhone games, which are nothing more than emulators packaged with the original game roms.

This app was denied last week, and it isn’t yet known if developers will take further action. I hope they don’t give up so soon, they already went through the trouble of getting proper licensing. It seems like it would be a good app, probably priced at 99 cents, they could probably make a good amount of money. I hope it works out for them.

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