BattleField Heroes, good for quick fun

BattleField Heroes
BattleField Heroes

Not a news post, per say, but something good anyway. BattleField Heroes is a fairly new multiplayer game that is on the PC. It just got out of it’s betaphase, if I heard correctly. Anyway, this is a game that is good for some quick kills or fun. It’s not anything epic, like Call of Duty or something, but if you’re bored, you should definitely give BattleField Heroes a try.

They have different classes, like the damage dealing class, the damage taking class, and the stealthy class. Personally, I have had some fun with it from time to time. When you have a good team and you battle over a flag, it’s pretty cool. They also have vehicles, such as jeeps, tanks and airplanes. If you buy BF Points, you can customize your character in different and distinct ways. As you level up, you put up your abilities and you get new skills and weapons. It’s a fairly descent game to say the least. It is also not very demanding, in terms of graphics. If you put the graphics on the max settings, then sure, it’ll look good and tax your computer. However, my low end Laptop can handle this game quite well.

So, whether you have a low end or high end computer, this game can give you some quick fun.

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