Testuya Nomura speaks on Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 2
Kingdom Hearts 2

Three new Kingdom Hearts games are being released, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for the DS, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep for the PSP, and Kingdom Hearts: Coded for mobile phones. But these three games aren’t what KH fans were hoping for, they were hoping for a true Kingdom Hearts 3 sequel.

Well, Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts designer, already has ideas for the next installment. But he says that since Birth by Sleep hasn’t even been released yet, he doesn’t feel that he should think about it for a while.

Nomura says that people have recently been asking him about what he’s planning for Kingdom Hearts 3.  He said that even though he’s still working on Final Fantasy XIII Versus, he thinks it’s about time for him to start taking some serious thought towards it.  He also says that it’s possible that the next game in the Kingdom Hearts series won’t be Kingdom Hearts 3. Though, to sort of make things better, he says that the next Kingdom Hearts game will be more official than just a side story, like the games he’s recently been releasing in the series.

I’m personally a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, and I’ve been waiting for this game for years, heh. I’ve been a fan since Kingdom Hearts, that game had an amazing story. I originally underestimated it because it had Disney in it, but it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. People are wondering whether he’ll be going Sony exclusive or going cross console. What ever console he choses, I’ll stick with!

16 thoughts on “Testuya Nomura speaks on Kingdom Hearts 3

  1. I really don’t care what system it would be for either, as long as it’s not for the Wii. I think we will have to wait a while before anything really happens though, Final Fantasy XIII isn’t even out yet. I’m really excited for 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep but I really hope they make a new one for the bigger systems. If they do, I would love to see how the graphics would look. I think they would be amazing.

  2. okay am huge fan but why isn’t in one system like ps2?? some ppl are gonna buy a diffrent system pply for the game but why not stick to one system? PS2 to GBA to DS to PSP to PS3 … ?? hmmmh and let’s not forget the remixs games.. -sign-… qustion is “why ???” hmmmh wat a waste I gotta buy/borrow all these systems cause am a fan.. nice job (can u feel the sacrasem)
    ps srry for my grammer/and spelling.. ) yes I sux at spelling
    hey good game though but ehhh…

  3. I can go ahead and lable myself as one of those people that was really looking forward to the sequel Kingdom Hearts 3 game, after many years past of waiting I thought there never was going to be a third game but after finally reading this draft I can put some faith in to saying there will at least be another official Kingdom Hearts game. I wasn’t looking forward to seeing the new selection of games that Testuya Nomura has to offer, but after play Kingdom Hearts 358/2days the layout of the game was awsome and how it blended with the other KHs game and seeing the trailer on youtube for Final Fantasy xiii. I was amazed. I’m really a big fan of KHs and the other many games Testuya Nomura has made and I really hope he keeps coming up with more!!!

  4. i’ve always been a big big fan of the kingdom hearts saga because of it’s ground breaking gameplay and intergration with disney not only does it have a awsome story line and crazy boss battles im hoping that if they do make a kingdom hearts 3 that they actually make it for multi consoles because that would be amazing since i own a 360 it would be interesting to see how well put togather this game would be im looking forward to it in the future.

  5. when is this game coming out. I’m guessing before the summer but thats just my guess. I hope it comes out for the xbox 360 or im going to have to buy aPs3.

  6. hey is there gonna be a remix for keyblad wars/kh3?
    is that the name? I mean I saw it on another site…

  7. Kingdom hearts was and still is one of the best adventure games iv ever played, i discovered it about 5 years ago. its a bit annoying how final fantasy is taking alot of time to develop, because im sure many fans are dying to here about the nxt adventure into kingdom hearts. wen the new nintendo DS game came out i was so excited, its a great game that explains ALOT, but again its a pain to know that some kingdom hearts games are exclusive to certain systems like PSP, i wish they would just hav 1 or 2 systems that they use like DS for handheld games and playstation 2 or 3 for the bigger installments.

  8. Ahhh I can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts 3! But for now BbS will just have to do. Although Nomura is busy with Versus (which also looks like it’ll be awesome) I believe he knows whats best. If it means having to wait a few more years for a top notch KH3 then be it! I’d rather have it be in the best possible state than a game that feels unnecessarily rushed. Just my $.02

  9. Well, I dont think there will be one because birth by sleep Sora dies and then that just leaves Roxes. Im a big fan of Sora not Roxas. Roxas is like Sora’s follower

  10. like the kingdom heart have some many misiion to do kingdom heart1 kingdom hearth 2 i will w8 kingdom heart 3 to play may playstation 3

  11. i love the games! why do they do them on different consoles though? i have the systems but i kinda wanted them all on 1! either tht or have all the games for all the systems! i just want it like tht!

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