Your Xbox 360 Dashboard To Soon Be Getting Ads

Xbox 360 Dashboard Ads
Xbox 360 Dashboard Ads

This is a move by Microsoft that’ll definitely upset some people, lol. Apparently, the director at Microsoft’s Advertising Business Group, Sean Alexander, says that you may soon be seeing ads on your Xbox Dashboard everytime you turn it on.

Microsoft plans to bring “IAB Specifications for rich media techologies to Xbox Live within the year”. This includes technology such as Silverlight. Silverlight is basically Microsoft’s version of Flash. So to give the ads on the Xbox dashboard the same appearance as a Web ad, Silverlight would be used there.

Now there are already gaming ads on the Xbox dashboard, so these ads won’t be the same. These will probably be the general ads, such as McDonalds and what not, as you see in this pic. Just regular ads. Now this, as I said, has aggravated a lot of users. This should be a feature only forced upon Silver users. What’s the point of paying a fee for Xbox Live when you’re gonna be bombarded with ads anyway? Even if the ads don’t disrupt your experience with the dashboard, I don’t believe that Gold users, paying subscribers, should have to even see one.

I’m already becoming more of a Sony fan anwyway, so I doubt I’ll be renewing my Xbox Live membership any time soon.

[Source – Kotaku]

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