Playstation iPhone Case

Playstation iPhone Case
Playstation iPhone Case

Not really super amazing news, but the game industry news isn’t really booming right now. But anyway, this is a good addition none-the-less. Here’s a picture of the well made, pretty “cute”, playstation iPhone case. I dare you not to buy this, if you have an iPhone. I’m definitely gonna consider buying this when I get a bit of extra cash, heh. How many people do you think you’ll see with this outside, you’d be exclusive, hah.

This hand-crafted beauty is available from the megastore Etsy, the case costs $20. The controller is an addition and can be purchased for an extra $7. Sure that’s a bit pricey for an iPhone case, but for this case I’d make an exception. Heck, I’d buy it for just nostalgic purposes alone, heh. There are also more cases for you to purchase for your iPhone on the site as well. Looks to have a great collection, I could do with out the controller addition, but the case I think looks great on it’s own.

[Kotaku – Playstation iPhone Case]

Felt Playstation Case
Felt Playstation Case

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