Funcom wants Age of Conan players back

Age of Conan
Age of Conan

Many Age of Conan players know about how Funcom screwed up with their mmorpg Age of Conan. Funcom spent a lot of the year fixing up the buggy, incomplete, mess that is Age of Conan, and now is requesting that everyone who fled the game gives the game another chance.

The hyped up Age of Conan launched last year, leading to the disappointment of many players shortly after. The game had buggy, poor, end game content, features were missing, pvp was a laggy experience. A lot of the year was dedicated towards working on the large amount of issues with the game, and the director quiting due to dissatisfaction in the process. Now that things have been worked out, they feel that former players should come back. From now until July 22nd, players with inactive accounts can visit the Age of Conan re-evaluation website , and get upto two weeks of play time.

From what I know, this game should just crash and burn. They basically made people pay to beta test their game. This game obviously wasn’t well made, at the start, had many problems, bugs, glitches and missing features. Most of the people I know who played this say that two weeks isn’t enough for what they spent for the game. They feel that they paid to beta test the buggy trash that is AoC, and they just won’t come back. Funcom says that anyone with an inactive account who wants to give it another try should now, as it’ll be free for two weeks. They say that since their “hugely successful” launch last year, they started working on updates that’d improve the game and provide more content for players. Hugely successful? If that’s what they wanna call it. They just released the retail version of something that really should have stayed in beta. Funcom goes on to say that with most of the updates out of the way, players should give it another try.

They’re pretty much begging for their former Age of Conan players to come back. I think it’s too little, too late.

One thought on “Funcom wants Age of Conan players back

  1. well, I don’t play that game…but what I really want to know…who draw that pic on the side?
    will appreciated if someone tells me…thanks!

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