Champions Online Open Beta Next Month

Champions Online Open beta
Champions Online Open beta

You mmorpg fans, you City of Heroes fans, and even you Comic Book fans need to keep your eyes peeled for next month. The new super hero mmorpg game, Champions Online, will be in the Open Beta phase starting next month. For those of you not savvy with that word, it means the game will be open for everyone to play, though there may be some bugs here or there. Open Beta’s are for testing the game further.

The Open beta will start on August 17th, and will go all day until it closes. For those who already in closed beta, your beta hours will be extended to last full weekends.

For those of you who don’t know about Champions Online, it is a game created by Cryptic. The creators of City of Heroes/Villains. Puts you in a comic book world where you get to create your own super hero and you get to fight crime. The game boasts extensive customization abilities so you’ll have the ability to create not only your own distinct super heroes, but you’ll probably be able to create existing heroes like Batman or SuperMan, maybe. You get to create your own Arch Enemy, that will trouble you throughout your crime fighting career. Your decision affects the community as a whole, citys will change, villains are defeated, and more.

It sounds like a pretty good game, those of you who liked City of Heroes and City of Villains will most likely want to give this game a go. Or if you’re looking for a new mmorpg or online game to play, you should try this out.

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