Giant Gundam Statue Makes Appearance in Playstation Home

Giant Gundam Statue In Playstation Home
Giant Gundam Statue In Playstation Home

Yes, the Giant Gundam Statue will be making it’s appearance in the Japanese Playstation Home starting today. Most Anime fans, or Gundam Fans specifically, know about the Giant Gundam Statue that was created in Odaiba’s Shiokaze Park, in celebration of Gundams 30th anniversary. The 59 Foot Tall statue comes with features such as emitting light, smoke and makes sound effects.

Starting today, and lasting until July 23rd,the digital version of the giant gundam will be erected over the Plaza in the Japanese version of Playstation Home. It’s a shame that it’s only temporary, it looks pretty cool. But that also makes it unique I guess, as the real life gundam is only being kept up for alimited amount of time as well. I wish us Americans could see some of that Gundam action as well, heh.  But it’s something exclusive to Japanese users.

Imagine being able to hijack that Gundam, in game, and being able to pilot it! Heh, that’d be interesting.

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