First day of BattleField 1943, already over 5 million deaths

BattleField 1943
BattleField 1943

BattleField 1943 has been recently released, and has been going good so far. After 43 million kills are achieved, the fourth Coral Sea map will be unlocked and allowed for play. After the first day of fighting, the community has clocked in over 5 million deaths already. Already more than 10 percent of the way there.

In a forum post updating Battlefield 1943’s response to the demand, they’ve added more server capacity to meet the demands. I didn’t know Battlefield was that good of a game until now, actually. It seems like many people are loving this.  On just the first day alone on the Xbox 360, more than 29 years of gameplay was completed, that sounds ridiculous. Those are just some of the funfacts that were being posted on the forums. MTV calculates that it’ll take at or around 2 weeks for Xbox 360 users to reach the 43 million kills achievement.

I’m gonna have to check out that Battlefield 1943 game, it sounds like something all FPS players should check out.

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