Details on Sony’s New Motion Controller

Sony's Motion Controller
Sony's Motion Controller

There was a Developers conference in UK today, where Sony showed off more of the PS3 motion controller first shown at E3 this year.

This time around, Sony was focused on showing a lot more of what the controller can do, by showing it in practical situations as it would be used in Video Games. However, Sony didn’t allow filming during the event, and would only allow pictures to be taken during specified times. It sucks that videos couldn’t be taken, because this technology looks awesome. It interests me way more than the Wii or Project Natal.

The way the PS3 controller is used looks much more natural than Project Natal. As seen by the archery or sword fighting simulation. The controller consists of two wands, one has a purple light on top, the other has a red light on top. The Playstation 3 will track the movements of these two wands and translate it to ingame movement. That allows for true motion tracking. The controller is very responsive, and leaves little to no lag between movements, which is good. The wands would be able to be used as guns, swords, anything blunt in a game, fighting, using a wand in game, anything that the mind can imagine. It allows for a lot of possibilities. If used right, this will be a hit instead of something gimmicky like the six-axis.

The controller allows responsive movements, tracking of movement on all of the axises, and allows for “True 3d position”. This technology is available to developers right now, but it’s limited, so they have to make a “case”. It sounds like this is going to be quite an interesting tool to make use of. But from what I seen, gamers aren’t interested so much in this technology as a main. They like the idea of just using a normal controller, the added extra movement annoys some. Saying, if this technology can’t be used as a regular PS3 controller like the Wii-mote can, then I’m not interested. I personally don’t see it like that, but I think that developers that make use of this technology shouldn’t make the Motion Controller the sole way of controlling.

Sony promised to display “a lot more of the new controller” and give “several real-world examples of such techniques as used in recent and soon to be released PS3 and PSP titles from both Sony Computer Entertainment first party and external developers.” During the event, Sony did not allow the filming of the controller in action as the company stated it was “prototype hardware” — photography was allowed during designated times.

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