APB to have unique subscriptions

All Points Bulletin
All Points Bulletin

For those of you who don’t know,  APB is an online multiplayer game created by the creator of the original Grand Theft Auto. It’s full name being All Points Bulletin, people initially thought it was going to be a GTA clone, however it isn’t. It’s something very unique and distinct from the Grand Theft Auto series.

With that prior information being out of the way, the game is an Online Multiplayer Game. When you hear Online Multiplayer Game, you should immediately wonder how much you’ll have to pay for subscription. The game development team has had high costs in terms of making this game, so expecting some sort of subscription service is to be expected.

The boss of the company says that they’re not aiming for a monthly subscription, which is the general route that pay to play games go. He says that you’ll have to buy the client to play the game, like you would buy any other game. But they say they’re looking to provide a different type of subscription service. Something unique and different from the normal monthly subscription route. It would be understandable for them to go to the monthly service if anything, they spent over $30 million on development costs. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of subscription model they come up with. I’m probably expecting something like a long term cost. Like a pay per 6 months or pay per year type thing.

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