Get Free Playstation Network

Playstation Network
Playstation Network

Free Playstation Network is something that many Playstation 3 gamers should want. Playstation Network is already free, yeah, but I’m talking about free funds to your virtual wallet. With Digital Distribution becoming more and more popular, and with DLC for some of the top games coming out soon, you will need Free Playstation Network funds more often. So here’s a post on how you can get the PSN codes for free.

As I said, the Playstation Network is a free digital service already. But the Playstation Store isn’t, and you will need funds in your digital wallet to be able to purchase content such as DLC or arcade titles. To add funds to your wallet, you usually will either need to buy a Playstation Network card, or use your credit card. A lot of people don’t have credit cards and some people don’t have the money to purchase a PSN card. The Playstation Store updates weekly with new content like full games, demo’s, game add-ons and more. So for those of you who need a way of getting Free Playstation Network, read on.

First off, you need to sign up to the Rewards website LitheRewards. I suggest you make a new email account, a gmail one preferably. This is just to be organized, and the Playstation Network code will be sent to this email.

Then you have to do free surveys. Click “Offers” and then click “Offers” again in the drop down menu. Offers are what they label the Free Surveys as. Each survey you do gives you a certain amount of points. When you get enough points, you can get a Reward through the website. To get Free Playstation Network funds you’ll need to get 2000 points on the site, which can be done in 1 – 2 days.

After you’ve gotten the 2000 Points, you’ll be able to request an Amazon gift certificate which you will then use to get the Free Playstation Network card. It’s as simple as that. This is the best way, currently, to get Free Playstation Network funds. This isn’t a generator or anything like that, those steal your information. You don’t use any of your account information while doing this. This is the safest, and easiest way to get the Free Playstation Network funds. Not only that, but this is risk free too. Many people are already doing this. I know a couple of people who got their Playstation Network Cards recently, and just redeemed the code easily. So that’s it, have fun getting your Free Playstation Network!

16 thoughts on “Get Free Playstation Network

  1. hey does this work also for psp if so culd u tell me were i go to get the codes and reward thing lol thax

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