Bethesda Not Raising Fallout 3 Level Cap Again

Fallout 3
Fallout 3

The current level cap in Fallout 3 is 30, the stat and skill caps are 10 and 100. With those stat caps, you’re able to navigate through out the game fairly well with little difficulty. However, Bethesda is thinking that raising the cap any more would make the game a bit too easy.

A member of the Bethesda team was asked if there was any plans on extending the level cap of the game, as was done in the previous Downloadable Content release. He was also asked if the game would be able to maintain “stability” if the stat or skill cap were raised, the answer given was no. It would harm other experiences such as game replayability. How players like to replay the game as different characters to have a different experience. With skill/level/stat increases, you’d be able to completely max out your character. Which would, in theory, harm replayability. However, some people really like that. Being able to completely max out your character and replay the game as the strongest guy in the game, easily downing your enemies with ease.  Like Disegea for example, the level cap in that game is over 9000! Able to do over a billion damage to enemies. People like giong through the game and just playing it to dominate.

Playing through the game the first time, with the difficulty and struggle that the game offers, then playing through it a second or third time as the beast of the game. So, while the game would be unbalanced by raising the level cap, would that make the game less fun? In my opinion, No. After a while of playing, some may want to let loose and just dominate everything.

Bethesda’s reasoning for not raising the level cap/ stat cap/ and skill cap any further is to prevent unbalance in the game. However, they should try and look at how an unbalance may make the game more fun.

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