Left 4 Dead 2 To Have Bullet Proof Zombies?

Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is gonna feature some bullet proof zombies… well, not fully bullet proof, but close enough. Valve previewed two of the Left 4 Dead 2 campaign levels in The Parish. Revealing a new type of zombie that the characters will encounter that will add a certain sense of difficulty.

This new zombie is going to be mostly bullet proof? Why? Because some riot police members weren’t able to escape the Zombie infection, and became zombies while in their body armor. Meaning they’re pretty much meat shields almost.

The only way you will be able to take down these Riot Zombies is by shooting them from behind. if you shoot them in the front, they’ll merely take the bullets without being affected much at all. So you may be wondering how you’re expected to get them to expose their backs. Well, meleeing them momentarily stuns them and they may fall down and their back would be facing you. Regardles sof how you do it, just remember to not waste so many bullets on an enemy that just eats them up. However, Molotovs and Grenades should still effect them as it does the other zombies. I wouldn’t imagine bullet proof armor prevents the zombie from fire damages.These Riot Zombies will be added to the plethora of zombies contained within The Parish.

This sounds like a welcome addition to me. Some may complain at the thought of a mostly bullet proof zombie, but I welcome it with open arms. Previously, when the Zombie Hordes would come, it’d be pretty easy to down them all by manaically spraying bullets into the crowd. But now, with the addition of these Riot Zombies, I’ll now have to kill all the normal zombies while watching out for the new zombies that will be charging at me. It’ll add a new sense of difficulty, which I’ll probably like.

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