Top 5 Xbox 360 Games

Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto IV

As an Xbox 360 gamer in 2009, your choice of games is increasing rather steadily. Many of the system selling, major games, have come out as xbox 360 games already and either met the hype or failed many. For any xbox gamer, there is a definite list of the Top 5 Xbox 360 Games that one should buy. I’m here to give you my opinion on what the Top 5 Xbox 360 Games are.

Microsoft has done a lot of promoting for one of the earliest and most successful Xbox 360 games. That game being Halo 3 which is one of the most critically pleasing and most successful xbox 360 games. For a game to be successful now a days, it has to have both multiplayer and downloadable content available in the future. Meaning for you to enjoy the Top 5 Xbox 360 Games, you’ll need to have both a connection to Xbox Live and have access to Microsoft Points. But some of the games on this list will have pleasing single player campaign as well, meaning whether you’re connected to Xbox Live or not, you’ll have an enjoyable experience.

Another factor in determining the top xbox 360 games is whether or not it has downloadable content available. After beating the game, you should be left wanting more. If you find that it is a chore to get through the campaign, the game isn’t doing it’s job in entertaining you much. Without further stalling, I will now give you my top recommended games, starting from 5th down to first.

My fifth most recommended game on the Xbox 360 is Guitar Hero 3/Aero Smith. Now, this game is extremely popular and loved by most, so some of you may be wondering why it’s all the way at fifth. To be honest, there are more shooting genre fans then music simulation fans, so this is a game that may not appeal to the general audience of the Xbox 360 games. With that being said, though, this game is nothing short of amazing. With the guitar peripheral, you are immersed in the experience and playing through many of the songs you love to listen to.

My fourth most recommended game is Halo 3, mainly because it basically defined the Xbox 360. It’s pretty fun for most, but most people consider this game a bit too kiddy. Mostly has alien blood and is praised for it’s squad co-op action. I personally like the story quite a lot, it’s pretty entertaining, especially for those who have played the game since the original Halo. This is also being updated with DLC from time to time.

My third most recommended game is Gears of War 2. Now, some may say Gears of War original is more better, but mostly veterans and pro’s say that. Gears of War 2 is more casual and noob friendly, while appealing to the pro’s still. This is another one of those FPS, third person shooter, games that have an excellent story line and online play. It also has DLC being released for it still.

My second most recommended game is Call of Duty 4. One of the best war shooting games, first person shooting games, and one of the most popular Xbox Live games in general. Most people who own an xbox 360 has heard of this game at least one time before. This game has excellent online play, is noob friendly, there isn’t a steep learning curve, and the story mode and single player campaign play is amazing. Definitely a must get.

My first most recommended game is Grand Theft Auto IV. Some people say they were disappointed with this game, but this is still one of the most played and highest rated games available to the Xbox 360. This game has arguably the most replayability any game of it’s genre has to offer, an excellent story line, online play, and DLC is being released for it actively.

Those are my opinions, as I said before, you may beg to differ. If you have a different chioce on what should be the best Xbox 360 game, leave a comment. But there you have it, my Top 5 Xbox 360 games.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Xbox 360 Games

  1. My top five;

    1. cod4
    2. gta 4
    3. Halo 3
    4. Gears of war 2
    5. cod 5

    pretty similar to yours, only in a different order! (sorry guitar hero doesn’t make it, i play the REAL guitar!)

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