Ubisoft Announces Splinter Cell Conviction Delay

Splinter Cell Conviction
Splinter Cell Conviction

Ubisoft has announced on their official forums that there will be a Splinter Cell Conviction Delay for your benefit.For those of you who don’t know, Splinter Cell Conviction is one of their biggest announced titles that they have lined up for release. Ever since E3, this game has been in the spotlight for it’s innovative new features and how it’s pushing the Splinter Cell series forward as one of the best spy games available to date. When someone speaks of delay’s, people think badly of it. But this Splinter Cell Conviction Delay has been done for your benefit, to make sure you get the best experience possible out of the game.

The post they made on the official Ubisoft forum’s was done in the tone that they were trying their hardest for the game. They acknowledged how they set the bar high with the previous Splinter Cell game, and how now, they have to make sure that they are continuing the trend of high quality and enjoyment as always. It is, afterall, one of their most important games. Correct me if I’m wrong, but one of the only other games of it’s genre that compete’s with it is the Metal Gear series. They decided to push back the release date to live up to the hype, and make sure that no bugs will be present in the end result. So I ask you, would you rather a rushed release and a buggy game or a delayed release and a smooth bug free game? The Splinter Cell Conviction Delay is indeed a good thing.

The release date has been pushed back to Q1 2010. So we have the rest of the year to wait for Splinter Cell Conviction’s release on the Xbox 360 and other platforms. Ubisoft isn’t taking any chances with this game, it seems. They made it clear, though, that there won’t be any major changes or additions to what was shown at E3, due to the Delay. The delay just ensures that the development team has more time for minor tweaks and edits to ensure smooth gameplay and a bug free experience. So I hope you now think of the Splinter Cell Conviction delay as a good thing, instead of a nuisance.

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