Demigod PC Demo Announced


Stardock announces the release of a multiplayer Demigod demo for PC gamers, finally, allowing all of you interested in it to get a taste. Stardock’s Demigod is a game defined as a RPG/RTS hybrid influenced by some of the leading RTS’s available, such as Warcraft.

Stardock had a problem trying to think of how they can provide a fun and relative experience in the demo without trying to give the players too much, having to limit them so they get the real game. They decided to provide a demo with one map and four available demigods.Regulus, Rook, Sedna and Lord Erebus will be available for you to play with, on all multiplayer modes.

That is the best solution I see to the problem. Giving the potential player access to the demigods to play with on all the multiplayer modes, limited to one map. It gives them the chance to experience the game, while not revealing too much. With only 8 Demigod characters to choose from, you get half of what you should expect if you decide to get the full game. This game is one of the best RTS’s on the market right now, since it’s fixed it’s networking issues.

The games offers many outcomes depending on the players and the options chosen. The presentation and features in this arena combat game are amazing. If you haven’t checked out Demigod already, you should try it out with the Demigod Demo available on Fileplanet.

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