Epic Mickey Game Information

Epic Mickey
Epic Mickey

It was rumored recently that Warren Spector was working on a game codenamed “Epic Mickey”, to be released on an unknown console. Supposedly is going to be a steampunk styled game, and most likely a Nintendo Wii exclusive.

The game supposedly will be an extremely innovative and different game, to be fun and most likely looked up upon on the Wii console. Epic Mickey will have you painting through levels, apparently, having you do tasks as extensive as drawing or erasing whole levels. This information supported by some of the concept art released, which mention painting.

The story is supposedly based around an unfamiliar Disney characters rise up against Mickey. A seemingly intense plot for a Disney game, it seems. But the game sounds amazing, to say the least. Very creative. This game hasn’t been officially verified by Disney as of yet, however, so keep your eyes peeled for more information. I’m hoping Epic Mickey pulls through.

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