Making use of the Nintendo Wii

There has been reports recently that only one tenth of all the Nintendo Wii’s out there are currently active, so here’s a post on ways you can enjoy your Wii console. First off, I believe the key to being able to enjoy your Wii day after day is Wii Points. So I want to point you in the direction of this Free Wii Points blog that teaches you how to get Free Wii Points and provides the latest Nintendo Wii news. Wii Points allow you to take advantage of everything the Nintendo Wii has to offer, such as Virtual Console games, Wiiware Games, and DLC for video games you may own.

So having Free Wii Points would be really beneficial to you, because you’d have a whole library of games available for you to consider, so you should visit the site I linked above. The Virtual Console is an epic library of classic games gathered in a Wii Shop Channel type navigator, where you’ll be able to purchase them. These games can range from 500 – 1200 Wii Points depending on the title you’re looking at. These games span across many platforms, such as the ever popular Sega Genesis to the old school gaming Super Nintendo. These game are classic games only edited to work on the Wii console through emulation via the Virtual Console. So most of these games do not take advantage of the motion controller, but they are still fun, none the less. These games are classics but their graphics are probably good for a 2D game, and some of the old games are still the best.

Wiiware games are games specifically designed for the Nintendo Wii, most likely to take advantage of the Motion Capabilities that the Wii has to offer. With that being said, Wiiware games will most likely appeal to the general audience. Nintendo actually supposedly said that they’re shifting their focus from the Virtual Console and focusing mostly on the Wii now, due to it’s popularity. These games are quite fun and are a sort of collection of Mini games, almost. They’re fun games to waste some time on, if anything, and would be a good way to spend your Wii Points. They cost pretty much the same as Virtual Console games.

Not to mention that you can also buy DLC for your video games, when released. Some games, such as Guitar Hero, may release new songs in the form of downloadable content that you should buy with your Wii Points as a way of keeping your interest in the game. So as you see, there are many things you can do to get enjoyment out of your Nintendo Wii. Just try and consider getting your Free Wii points, and then take a look at what the Wii has to offer in the Wii Shop Channel.

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