id Software’s Rage Lagging Behind On The Playstation 3

id Software's Rage
id Software's Rage

id Software’s shooter Rage is said to have been a bit lagging on the Sony Playstation 3, according to John Carmack. The Xbox 360 and PC versions of Rage are maintaining a steady 60 fps, while the Playstation 3 is hardly maintaining half of that. They say the Xbox 360 CPU makes it easier to split tasks, while the PS3 takes a bit more work, making it hard to get performance out of it. Was it a direct insult? No, it’s been what many developers on the Playstation 3 have been saying since launch, the PS3 is difficult to work on.

So many fans of Rage and Playstation 3 fanboys immediately started talking down on him, claiming their development team is lazy, claiming they aren’t as good as they used to be, and insulting him for talking down on their precious Playstation 3. This is one of the first times I’ve seen a developer get flamed so much for stating simple facts. It’s amazing what length fanboys go to, to defend their console, every system has a fault.

Their response was that they’re focused on providing the best experience equally for all consoles. They expect for each console version of Rage to run at 60 hertz. So while they are acknowledging that it is difficult to develop for the PS3, they are working actively to find a way around it’s faults. This is sure to turn off some developers from actually speaking the truth, heh.

One thought on “id Software’s Rage Lagging Behind On The Playstation 3

  1. I absolutely adore my playstation 3. It is an unbelievable machine with so many fantastic games that have come out of late, not to mention that it plays blu-ray. If they keep on releasing excellent games and adding features like the netflix thing I don’t comprehend why anyone would need any other system.

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