Next Generation Nintendo Console

Where will Nintendo take the Nintendo Wii? That is a question many gamers are asking, since it seems that Nintendo seems to be coming up with something innovative and unexpected every generation. This generation, it was motion technology that they came up with, and revolutionized the gaming industry with. But what will they do with the next console to fall under them?

Well, I’m hoping that they bring both game play and graphics together. It’s unknown if they’ll still bring motion controlling to the table. As both Sony and Microsoft are both hoping on the band wagon, they both came up with their own unique, seemingly better, motion control technology that should give Nintendo a run for their money. So this time, Nintendo chose innovation over graphics and left their hardcore gamers behind. I’m hoping next time, they get technology to offer 1:1 controls and graphics at least comparable or greater than the Xbox 360. If they’re able to do this, they’ll be able to reach out to literally all audiences. Hardcore gamers, graphic lovers, gameplay lovers, and new gamers.

I’m pretty sure there will be an evolved service of the WiiWare and Virtual Console services. It seems that Nintendo is starting to value their Networking service. So I imagine Nintendo Wii games to be available for download, and I expect it to be backwards compatible. Not only that, but I imagine a more robust WiiWare service, with games that surpass those of this generations. The Virtual Console library is a must I think, it’s an excellent service, and was a major feature that influenced my decision to get the system.

I imagine them to have a selling point for their new console, obviously, but what is the question. Now, their selling point was motion control, since no one else really came up with that technology at the time. So they were distinct, and the Wii was available at a cheap price. It’s the highest selling console this generation, so it’s obvious that Nintendo will try to come up with something to rival that of the Wii. I imagine either a peripheral or a network service that will attract players.

I think they will keep the use of Wii Points, to be honest. Wii Points allow users to make great use of their services, such as WiiWare games, Virtual Console games, and DLC downloads. If you’re looking for a way on how to get Free Wii Points, then feel free to click that link to find out how. Wii points are a great feature because they give players access to many of the games that Nintendo has to offer. It’s a necessity I think.

So the basic thoughts that I have is, Nintendo will bring innovation to the table. But my wishful thinking leads me to hope that Nintendo will not turn their backs on the hardcore gamers once again. Usually, they do not make the same mistake twice. So I think that they will offer a console that will appeal to every gaming audience out there, this time around.

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