Details On Wii Vitality Sensor Game

Wii Vitality Sensor
Wii Vitality Sensor

Now, it’s not anything new to hear about how people reacted at first to the Wii Vitality Sensor. People laughed in Nintendo’s face, and they simply replied with “Wait and see”. Nintendo comes out with a lot of peripherals, and they all end up selling well, so why doubt them now? They know how to target and entertain their audience. During a question and answers session with Nintendo, Satoru Iwata details the possibilities of a future Wii Vitality Sensor game.

He suggested that a video game themed around relaxation would easily be able to make use of this technology. A way of enriching ones life by helping them find new ways on how to relax, especially helpful for those of you who go through stressful days. By sticking your hand into the device once a day, you can simply find out your statistics and your stress level, as well as how to treat it. The conditions will be specific to a certain user, providing a special experience for all of you who decide to make use of the Wii Vitality Sensor.

So, while this isn’t something geared towards exercises like some of Nintendo’s past titles, it’s still something created to draw in a new audience. Especially for the older Nintendo Wii owners who some how think that the Wii will help them lose weight. So before you question how sensible the Wii Vitality Sensor will be, how about you consider how successful Nintendo has been recently.

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