Xbox 360 Elite Price Drop, Xbox 360 Pro Removed

Xbox 360 Pro
Xbox 360 Pro

There has been talk and rumors about this recently, about the Xbox 360 Pro being phased out and removed from shelves. The rumor first started back in June, and implies that the Xbox 360 Elite will recieve a price drop, and the xbox 360 Pro will be removed completely. This was brought up by Ars Technica’s source, and it seems to be confirmed.

In an image presented on Kotaku today, the Xbox 360 Elite console will be recieving a price cut to have a price comparable to that of the Xbox 360 Pro. It will be featured at $299, and will be hitting shelves soon. Some questioned if the Arcade model will be recieving a price cut as well, and my answer to that is, why would that be necessary? The Arcade model is cheap enough already, heh.

So to restate what happened, Microsoft is officially removing the Xbox 360 Pro model, and will be cutting the Xbox 360 Elite price to $299.99 to compensate for the loss. This is also even reflected on the boxing of the Xbox 360 Arcade model, as it used to compare all three models, but now it only compares the two, Elite and Arcade. So if you’re a new or potential Xbox 360 buyer, your choices now are the cheap model without a hard drive, or the more expensive 120 gb hard drive version. This change will take place soon.

When Microsoft was asked regarding the proof/reliability of this rumor, they said that they do not comment on speculation. So if they are going to announce it, it will probably be done next week. Microsoft seems to be doing good with price cuts, that’s pretty good. Now only if Sony would stop being stingy with the Playstation 3, and they’d actually consider doing a price drop as well…

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