Sega Can’t Appeal To Old Sonic Fans


A lot of Sonic fans have been complaining about how unappealing the recent Sonic games have been. It’s just been a bunch of basic recycling of the same old thing, the same bad formula, since Sonic’s transition to the console systems. Since the Sega, arguably, I believe there hasn’t been one true Sonic sequel. The last interesting Sonic game I saw was way back on the Dreamcast, which met it’s demise soon after, sadly. I believe it was ahead of it’s time, but that’s another thing.

For one thing, for those of you who played the original Sonic games, you’ll know how it played. It played so fluently, it was amazingly fun, though simple. It was able to rival the insanely popular and successful Mario. Sonic was the basic side scrolling game that offered speedy running and gameplay. The music was enjoyable and the story line wasn’t even that bad, regardless of the cast of characters. It was revolutionary at the time, and pretty fun. It came up with many sequels back in the day, Sonic, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic and Tails, all of those were awesome at the time. Now, that formula worked for the time, because it was fairly new and explored territory not explored before. But now a days, in modern time, they’d have to change.

Mario’s transition to the console was fairly smooth, and it allowed for an amazing game.  Sonic’s transition, however, has been shakey from the start. Looking at it’s most recent game, it is a disaster. Something about Sonic turning into a werewolf or something like that. Most of Sonic’s recent games have gotten extremely low ratings, even for a kids game. Back in the day, Sonic’s game was geared towards all audiences, older gamers and younger gamers liked it the same. Now in the modern day, they decided to dumb Sonic down to some childish character. They added a whole bunch of unneccessary characters, and the game play is buggy and often doesn’t relate well with gamers. Just making a 3D sonic side scroller wouldn’t work well, because people would want more.

I don’t even know if making a Sonic game in modern day that would appeal to the older gamers is possible. It’s what I’d like for them to attemp though. Sega claims that their game is a hit with the kids, regardless of the fact they basically lost their whole original fan base, and make subpar games now. I don’t know how much you like the Sonic series, but I think it’s time for the rebirth of the Sonic series.

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