Guild Wars 2 Announcement Coming Up

Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

NC Soft has been doing a lot of hype and information releasing regarding Aion so far, but it’s also been preparing for starting the hype of the Guild Wars franchise again.

While no major information has been revealed officially so far, the official Guild Wars 2 twitter and the official site is up and the hype machine is revving up. Areanet thanked all the fans for waiting patiently for the release of Guild Wars 2. They say that they’ve been working tooth and nail, hard, to make this game ages ahead of the original. They claim to be ambitious and will bring us a game worth bragging about. They say they’ve got enough done on  Guild Wars 2 to talk about it, but they still have a lot of work left.

In the upcoming days, they plan on releasing some exciting information on the sequel. They say that the first look at Guild Wars 2 will be ground breaking and that it’s something that we should look forward to.

I’ve been a fan of Guild Wars ever since the original and I personally can’t wait. It has everything I’d want, good pvp, good pve, and there’s no monthly subscription. What more could you want? I’m personally excited and awaiting the release of Guild Wars 2.

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