Sony PSP Minis: Cheap Downloadable Games

PSP Minis Logo
PSP Minis Logo

At the Gamescom 2009 Press Conference today, Sony announced the debut of Minis to come to the Playstation Store. Which seems to be a series of cheap, affordable, games put out for gamers to enjoy.

The PsP Minis will have a section of the Playstation Store dedicated solely to it. Seems that Minis will be sort of like the iTunes store selling games and applications for a small price of a dollar. Starting October 1st, PSP users will be able to purchase smaller sized PSP games, under 100 mb, from the store to play right on their PSP. With such a small sized game, you are able to fit multiple games onto your SD card without a problem.

At the October launch, PSP Minis will launch with 15 playable games. The games announced for release  are Fieldrunners, Puzzle Scape, Alien Havok, Sudoku, Pacman Championship Edition, Championship Manager, Burn Zombie Burn 2D, Funky Punch, Breakquest, and Melody Bloxx. These games are a good idea I think. This is good for the casual PSP gamer who just wants a quick game to play. There isn’t any information on the prices as of yet, but I guess they’ll be $5 or under.  Wouldn’t make much sense to sell a game under 100 mb for much more than that.

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