PSP Little Big Planet Not Getting Multiplayer

Little Big Planet
Little Big Planet

When people first heard about Little Big Planet making an appearance on the PSP, the question arose of what feature would be lost. The PS3 Little Big Planet has many features, and fitting all of them on the PSP would be quite the task.

So logically, there would be a tradeoff on one feature. Earlier, Sony announced that they lost the multiplayer aspect of  Little Big Planet for the PSP. Mainly because they’ve managed to implement a full physics system. You basically have everything else though, being the create mode, ad-hoc sharing, uploading and downloading, just no multiplayer. I’m surprised that they’ve managed to get a pretty good physics system working on the PSP, not that it hasn’t been done before. But I, and many other people, are happy with just a physics system.

Sony goes on further to explain why the Multiplayer was left out. The PSP itself is capable of managing a multiplayer aspect, that isn’t the problem. But in doing so, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the full physics system, the two together would be too demanding on the processor or memory. Simply too many limitations. Some people are saddened by this announcement, saying that they shouldn’t have brought it to the PSP if it couldn’t handle the multiplayer, but I think it’s still good. You’re able to still enjoy the level creating and sharing capabilities, so it’s well worth it, I think. You can’t have everything, yet, heh. Let’s see how powerful they make the next generation hand helds. So be sure to keep your eyes out for Little Big Planet on the PSP.

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