Battlefield 1943 delayed until 2010

Battlefield 1943
Battlefield 1943

For those of you on the PC who were hoping for a 2009 release of the hit fps Battlefield 1943, expect to be disappointed. DICE announced that the game has been pushed back to the first quarter of 2010 instead.

They reasoned that they haven’t created the DICE engine, Frostbite, on the PC while they did create it for the consoles. Which means the console had a base to start off of, while the PC version doesn’t have that luxury. People have been saying that DICE has changed, and that they’re starting to favor the consoles more than the PC. They use this is their proof, saying how the engine wasn’t even created for the PC. Dice also says that there are a number of unique challenges solely for the PC that requires them to push the release date into 2010.

For qualities say, they say they are pushing it back. To provide the best experience possible, which includes all the features the console counterparts have, with the addition of 32 player online matches, joystick support, voice commands, ranked servers and more. When quality is at stake, you can’t really blame them. If they provided you with a shoddy PC port with promised features missing, you would have rioted outside their offices. Instead, they’re delaying the game so they can give you everythign they’ve promised and more. Seems fair game to me, and DICE strongly believes that they made the right decision. I do too. Like I said, if quality is at astake, then you must delay or you’ll end up like Age of Conan.

Better to have it late and great, than early and a buggy mess. So for those of you that were holding out for the PC release of Battlefield 1943, you may want to look into getting the console version to tide you over until then.

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