Microsoft Responds To Xbox 360 Failure Rate Survey

Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death
Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

It’s no surprise that the Xbox 360 has an extremely horrid failure rate. A failure rate so popular and widely expected, people have even made hit songs about it. Well, Game Informer happened to hold a survey the other day, querying the failure rate of the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Well, let’s just say that the survey went as expected.

The Xbox 360 has a failure rate of 54.2 percent. Followed by the Playstation 3 with a failure rate of 10.6 percent and the Nintendo Wii with a failure rate of 6.8 percent. Not only that, but only 37.7 percent of those who had a failed Xbox 360 found the customer service to be useful. Those statistics make me embarrassed to be an Xbox 360 fan, to say the least. They’re pretty shameful, especially since Microsoft has been denying and hiding from news like this every time it has been brought up. Shockingly, only 3.8 percent of people with a failed Xbox 360 says that they’ll never buy one again.

Microsoft did respond to this survey, and they didn’t even refute any of the statistics they found. They simply said that they continue to stand behind their console, the Xbox 360, as the superior and best console of this generation. They say a vast majority of customers enjoy the Xbox 360 daily, it’s the most played console of the generation and they are extensively testing the Xbox 360 to prevent any further problems with the system. Personally, I’ve had an Xbox 360 since January and it’s still running strong, so I have no complaints. Though two of my friends have had their Xbox 360 RROD on them.

It was smart of Microsoft not to go against the statistics that Game Informer put forth. That’s a well known issue, and they would have simply lost. They saved themselves the embarrassment. As for me, I’m slowly but surely becoming a Playstation 3 fan. I find it funny, though, how Microsoft didn’t even bother attempting to comment on their garbage Xbox 360 Customer Service.

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