Square Enix Publishing Modern Warfare 2 In Japan

Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2

Yes, it’s been recently announced that Square Enix will be publishing Modern Warfare 2 in Japan. That came as a shock to me, and probably some of you as well. Square Enix is mainly known for it’s rpg games, and now it’s going to publish one of the best first person shooters to come out on the consoles? Sounds like they’re trying to expand their portfolio and diversity in terms of game genres.

The company hasn’t officially stated this, however, but on their teaser site, they have the number 2 fading in and out, with quotes from people such as Napolean. The number 2 looks eerily similar to the one shown in the official logo. It’s clearly Modern Warfare 2 being released by them back in Japan, sounds like a good move by Square Enix.

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