Left 4 Dead Crash Course DLC released

Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2

Just because Left 4 Dead 2 will be released in the upcoming months does not mean that Valve has completely abandoned the original Left 4 Dead community. Left 4 Dead Crash Course has been released on Xbox Live and Steam just today. For those of you not even familiar with what it is, I will explain.

Left 4 Dead Crash Course is the latest dlc release by Valve. It provides a new single player, multiplayer and versus campaign mode for the Xbox 360 and PC. Crash Course combines both No Mercy and Death Toll campaigns from the original, while adding  bit of extra content into the mix. This will be a good add on for the Left 4 Dead Co-Op and single player modes. Valve’s goal with Crash Course was to provide great experience for versus mode within 30 minutes. They added a recharge timer for infected team mates and altered the item spawning to make the game a bit more balanced.

Gabe Nawell took the opportunity to announce that support for Left 4 Dead is still running strong, and you will continue to see updates for the game.  They are looking into modding as a way of providing new and entertaining content for the fans, by essentially collaborating with them.  Left 4 Dead Crash Course is going to cost you 560 Microsoft Points for the Xbox 360 and will go for free on the PC version. The original price, when first released, was 800 Microsoft Points for Left 4 Dead Crash Course. This seems like it was a mistake on Microsoft’s part, and I am not sure that it has been fixed yet. It has been fixed in some areas, but make sure that the price is 560 Microsoft Points, before purchasing the Left 4 Dead Crash Course dlc.

PSPGo UMD Conversion Plans Canceled


Sony has recently announced that the plans for allowing UMD conversion for the PSPGo has been canceled. What were they thinking when they came to this decision?

Basically, for those of you who do not understand, for those of you who already own a PSP and were hoping to be able to upgrade and transition to the PSPGo now will not be able to bring your already owned games over to the PSPGo. Instead, you will either have to make due without them or you will simply have to purchase them over again.

Earlier, Sony spoke about hoping to start a program in which umd’s could be converted for the PSPGo. But that will not happen now. The PSPGo makes use of a exclusively digitally driven style. It has no umd drive, and instead depends solely on an internet connection for you to be able to purchase your games digitally, most likely as a way to prevent piracy. At this years E3, they still expressed interest over this matter, though it seems that they will not be able to come to any conclusions. They do not have any solid plans in place as of this moment.

This is a very serious feature that is missing from the PSPGo. More serious than you may know, because this may alienate gamers who wanted this new system with the hopes of upgrading and maintaining their prior library. But now, you will simply have a new system that is fully dependent on digital downloading, and no way of enjoying your previous library. PSPGo is receiving so little support that some retailers are even refusing to place it in stock, due to how low it is expected to sell, especially with its hefty price tag. If you were consider buying a PSPGo, I strongly recommend against it, it is not worth it.

Infinity Ward Possibly Planning New IP

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Well, not maybe planning a completely new IP as of yet, but Infinity Ward is definitely considering the possibilities of being able to start one, some day.

As you know, Infinity Ward is pretty much known for their work in the Call of Duty franchise, and that’s pretty much it. Their work has been phenomenal, but then again, they should really broaden their horizons to games other than that of the Call of Duty franchise. They said that they would like to do something new, and are using their mentality of doing something new with the game you all love that is coming up, Modern Warfare 2.

As you may have noticed, for those of you who were watching the news of Modern Warfare 2 closely, they took out Call of Duty from the title. This is simply because they are now thinking of Modern Warfare 2 as their title, and are doing new things to it as their title. Though it may be regarded to some as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, they do not actually embrace that name within the game.

Though, Infinity Ward states that when they feel that they are unable to innovate the Call of Duty franchise any more, they will have to move on to bigger, better, things such as a new IP.

Wii Price Cut Comes September 27, Nintendo Confirmed

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has pretty much confirmed the status of the supposed price cut coming to the Nintendo Wii, and it is going to be effective by September 27th.

Nintendojo reported that in a conference call with Nintendo, they confirmed that  the price of the Nintendo Wii will be cut down to $199 and will be effective September 27th, a Sunday.  Though websites earlier have claimed to contact Nintendo for further elaboration, they simply said that they do not comment on rumor or speculation, as many gaming companies choose not to do.

But with the Tokyo Game Show in effect, most likely Nintendo will release this bomb shell sometime this week. It is almost a shame that this news was prematurely released, if they announced it without any prior spoiling, it probably would have brought up cheers all across the world. Now that might be a bit of exaggeration, because the  Nintendo Wii is already the cheapest console on the market, but maybe the small population of people that haven’t been able to purchase the Nintendo Wii will rejoice. When I heard about the Wii getting a price cut down to $199, I admit, I considered going out and getting one the day the price cut goes in effect. But then again, I thought to myself, what games would I actually play on it, heh. There’s not enough grabbing games yet to justify me actually purchasing the console, no matter how cheap it is. But at least this is a step in the right direction.

Nintendo may comment on the truth of the Wii Price Cut down to $199 and may confirm whether or not it will go in effect on September 27th, so keep your eyes open for it!

All Points Bulletin Detailed

All Points Bulletin
All Points Bulletin

For those of you who have been long time readers, it will be no surprise to you that I’m a big fan of All Points Bulletin. What’s not to like about it? It’s a game created by the man behind the Grand Theft Auto series. It has a great development team behind it, it will have a great release, I think.

APB is being hailed as the multiplayer Grand Theft Auto, and some even say that APB is how Grand Theft Auto 4 multiplayer should have originally been. Though the developers try to make a clear distinction between the two, you can see some similarities in gameplay, style and graphics.

APB will not be having a monthly paid service, though it will be making some use of a subscription based payment. Maybe yearly instead, but what ever it chooses, it will be a game to be remembered. 10,000 users per world, and 100 users per city. It will be an immense game of cops and robbers, while at time offering a moment for a deathmatch. People may say that it is bland, in that it is a deathmatch and cops and robbers game, but you should seriously expect more from the man behind the GTA series. With an extremely robust character customization system, as well as intense chases, physics, civilians and an intriguing level up system, you should not consider this anything close to bland.

Though not much has been revealed, what is confirmed is the sheer amount of fun and things you will be able to do. Enjoying a constant battle between criminals and cops, you can expect to see some interesting and cinematic moments in this game. Though it may not be as extremely indepth and well made as Grand Theft Auto 4, it will do what it was made to do extremely well. You most likely will not see any replicate people unless they’re modelled after a celebrity or well known figure. Just know, you should keep your eyes out for the release of APB when ever it is released, it’s one of the games I’m most enthusiastic about.