Modern Combat: Sandstorm iPhone Review

Modern Combat Sandstorm
Modern Combat Sandstorm

Gameloft has done it again, releasing the game Modern Combat: Sandstorm for the iPhone and iTouch. Here is my Modern Combat: Sandstorm review. This  is a first person shooting game that many think will be the closest thing to a Call of Duty game on the iPhone. The game has recently been released for $6.99 in the App store, and I have the game and this is my review.

You start the game, and you immediately get a feel for the game. Though you aren’t allowed to make use of all the features available, in terms of controlling, you are immersed into the environment immediately. You may notice at first the subtle humor that your team mates may have, as well as some cheesy remarks made by the npc’s. That isn’t so much of a problem, some people may like a light hearted war game instead of bloody murder everywhere, seriously. But I had no problem with you.  Besides for the voicing, you may notice that the character models look like they can use some work. Yes, I know, this is the iPhone and it can’t handle amazingly great 3d graphics, but the models texture looks like a rush job, really. You can still see the line where they mirrored the 2d mapping, for those of you who are 3d savvy.

With that nit picking out of the way, when you first start the game you are put into a tutorial. You start off running through the row of tires, as seen in many generic war movies that involve training the men. It’s not bad, you get a feel for all the game mechanics the game has to offer. Including crouching, jumping over obstacles, shooting, precision shooting with iron sight and throwing grenades. Surprisingly enough, the control scheme sort of works well for this sort of game. The controls are placed in a manner to give you a sense of ease when trying to aim at enemies.

I played through the first level to see how it’d go. Now, the controls are well laid out, but it may take a bit of getting used to. I was getting shot up quite a bit at the start, but taking a coin from Call of Duty, Gameloft implemented the feature of allowing your character to automatically heal after taking damage, and you can take quite a lot of damage before dying. I ran through the level with a shot gun and assault rifle and I was doing quite a lot of work with it, it worked well. There are some blood sprites and all the common things. But the enemies can be quite dumb, to say the least. I ran into a room, melee’d an enemy and knocked them out. Then his partner came in from the other room, ran right past me, and checked up on his downed ally. Maybe he cared more about his friends life than mine, or maybe it’s just a case of lazy or insufficient programming, I don’t know, you tell me.

All in all, if you just must have a dose of first person shooting action on the iPhone, it won’t get any better than this. Gameloft’s Modern Combat: Sandstorm is a fairly solid first person shooting game, considering the platform it’s on, so check it out.

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