Rockstar Agent to be Released in 2010?

Agent Logo
Agent Logo

Now it isn’t know if this was a slip of the tongue, or a simple mistake by Rockstar, but it’s now rumored that Agent may be released in 2010.

For those of you who don’t know, this enigmatic Playstation 3 game, Agent, is said to be the ultimate action game involving espionage in the heart of the 1970’s. Taking place during the heat of the cold war, during all of the political assassinations and counter intelligence. According to the developers at Rockstar, Agent will prove to be a very fresh experience to gamers all over. A game that is said to completely differentiate itself from the Grand Theft Auto series, to be completely original and independant. It’s going to be an exclusive and is expected to be quite the heavy hitter and one of the best action and spy games to be available at the time. Little to say, it has quite a lot of hype surrounding it right now, though not much is known about it.

Anyway, supposedly, a gamer wrote to Rockstar begging to show some loyalty to the Playstation 3, the console in which the GTA franchise originated. Seems reasonable right? That is pretty true, and now a days, it’s hard to find as many exclusive games that used to be available. Now there’s mostly paid exclusives or timed exclusives. Well, most would think, why would Rockstar actually reply to such a common email, especially by a gamer with no public status? Well, supposedly, they did make a reply.

In the reply, Rockstar assured the gamer that they knew where they were coming from, and they appreciated the enjoyment that they have for the Playstation 3. They said that they are working hard to get their AAA lineup of Playstation 3 releases out by 2010.  Titles involving Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, and the Playstation 3 exclusive Agent. Agent is a new, upcoming, title by Rockstar North, who originated the Grand Theft Auto series.

So what does this mean to the general public? If you read that at first, you may blindly think that they are saying that Agent is officially going to be released in 2010. Well, you are quite wrong if you think that. All this confirms, if this email is eeven real , is that they are working towards a 2010 release, or at the least, hoping for one. It’s an unofficial dead line, which could easiliy be extended if the circumstances call for it. So if you’re hoping for a 2010 release of Rockstar’s Agent, you may be dispointed.

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