Final Fantasy XIII Demo Information

Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is preparing for release in Japan late this year, in December. It will be met by a playable demo to be available at the Tokyo Game Show, which may be the last demo to be released until game launch. Everyone over here in the US will not be able to enjoy Final Fantasy XIII until Spring of 2010.

Final Fantasy XIII is probably one of the most looked forward to Final Fantasy games to date, as it is revamping the gameplay system as well as showcasing some ground breaking graphics. The game will be released on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 together.

The demo allowed for you to chose between Lightning or Snow. These two characters take place in different parts of the game. Therefore, you get a different perception of the game depending on which character you play. Snow will take you places inside the palace ruins while picking Lightning will allow you to explore the area around the palace.  Not only that, but you get to experience the summoning system in this demo, including the new Gestalt Mode. The regular summon state has your summon attacking along side you, but in Gestalt mode, you hop atop your summon and you attack as a pair. This is a new feature put into Final Fantasy 13 to offer a more cinematic and varied experience than your used to. Square Enix manages to accomplish that feat well, with the altered combat system, the new summoning system, and multiple changes they’ve put into the Final Fantasy 13.

The game is looking to be simply amazing so far. The TGS Final Fantasy XIII demo proves that. The animation, graphics and frame rate are stable and smooth. The gameplay works well for the series, and the new time-based combat system is going well. Those of you who like the regular turn based battle system may have a bit of trouble adjusting to it, but it’ll be worth it. Apparently the countless Final Fantasy releases have taught Square Enix quite a bit, and it’s showing by how they’re implementing some new features not seen in previous Final Fantasy 13 games.

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