Nintendo Wii Price Drop in October

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii

As if the Nintendo Wii isn’t cheap enough, it appears that during the first week of October, it will be receiving it’s first price drop. A price drop from the already cheap $249 that it costs to purchse the Nintendo Wii currently.

Now, keep in mind, Nintendo has said back in August that they have no plans on announcing a price drop. But then again, that was back in August and their ideas may have changed since then. Especially since the Wii sales have been down in America by almost half over the summer, and the amount of activity on the consoles are diminishing. But then again, you can only sell so many consoles, Wii being the most sold console, it’s probably reaching it’s maximum potential.

This rumor comes from an early version of a Walmart ad that claims that the Nintendo Wii will be getting a price cut, though no specifics on a price drop of how much and it was loosely dated when. It makes sense, since both Microsoft and Sony are cutting the prices off of their consoles as well. To keep up with the competition, they would have to slice their price as well, even though they are already cheap as it is.

As I said, this is still a rumor and hasn’t been confirmed nor denied as of yet. Nintendo of America and Walmart haven’t commented on the likeliness of this rumor as of yet, but if this is indeed true, a Nintendo Wii price drop will be coming in October, and I welcome it with open arms.

Due to the unofficial nature of the price drop info, we’re labeling this rumor for now. We’ve been in touch with Nintendo of America and Walmart to get comment, but have not yet heard back.

One thought on “Nintendo Wii Price Drop in October

  1. Long overdue in my opinion, it’s crazy how much Nintendo have managed to get away with chraging for the Wii compared to the technically far superior Xbox 360 and PS3. Looks like the Wii’s amazing sells record has taklen a bit of hit in recent months so it was inevitable that a price drop would be announced before Christmas.

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