PSPGo UMD Conversion Plans Canceled


Sony has recently announced that the plans for allowing UMD conversion for the PSPGo has been canceled. What were they thinking when they came to this decision?

Basically, for those of you who do not understand, for those of you who already own a PSP and were hoping to be able to upgrade and transition to the PSPGo now will not be able to bring your already owned games over to the PSPGo. Instead, you will either have to make due without them or you will simply have to purchase them over again.

Earlier, Sony spoke about hoping to start a program in which umd’s could be converted for the PSPGo. But that will not happen now. The PSPGo makes use of a exclusively digitally driven style. It has no umd drive, and instead depends solely on an internet connection for you to be able to purchase your games digitally, most likely as a way to prevent piracy. At this years E3, they still expressed interest over this matter, though it seems that they will not be able to come to any conclusions. They do not have any solid plans in place as of this moment.

This is a very serious feature that is missing from the PSPGo. More serious than you may know, because this may alienate gamers who wanted this new system with the hopes of upgrading and maintaining their prior library. But now, you will simply have a new system that is fully dependent on digital downloading, and no way of enjoying your previous library. PSPGo is receiving so little support that some retailers are even refusing to place it in stock, due to how low it is expected to sell, especially with its hefty price tag. If you were consider buying a PSPGo, I strongly recommend against it, it is not worth it.

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