Western Monster Hunter 3 Free Online and WiiSpeak

Monster Hunter 3
Monster Hunter 3

Capcom has announced that they are looking into having free online play and implementing WiiSpeak for the Western Monster Hunter 3.

Or so it is said, according to several reports claiming this. Which is a bit unfair, considering that the Japanese Monster Hunter 3 will have monthly fees associated with it. But according to the senior spokesman for Capcom, the circumstances in Japan call for that fee, opposed to anywhere else.

They say that Monster Hunter 3 is not as popular in the west, so adding a monthly fee would certainly raise eyebrows and alienate the few fans. Japan does not have friend codes, so Capcom has to run the servers and they need the monthly fee to pay for the costs generated. When they out right tell you the cause of the monthly fee, it makes it sound a bit more fair and understandable, actually. Since when you think about it, Monster Hunter really is not that much of a prized franchise over here in the west. But who knows what that may bring for the future of Monster Hunter in the west. Maybe one day, we will also have to pay the fees that Japan will have to pay.

While that is not a final decision, it is pretty clear that they are against monthly fees in the west for Monster Hunter 3.  As for WiiSpeak, Capcom’s producer told G4 that they are looking into whether it is technically possible or not. If it is, they will make an announcement regarding to it, if it is not realistically possible, then they simply will have to leave it out. WiiSpeak has began to be considered by Capcom due to the large amounts of fans requesting a voice chat for the online game play that Monster Hunter 3 will have to offer. So keep an eye out, those of you in the west, for possible news regarding the free online play and WiiSpeak being implemented in the western Monster Hunter 3.

3 thoughts on “Western Monster Hunter 3 Free Online and WiiSpeak

  1. I hope that all of the people who have psp will have a chance to play with monster hunter 3 so we can enjoy it

  2. I only hope that they bring back some of the psp monsters like the Ukanlous and Akantor. As for the free online, they should keep free like they had for the ps2 version of the game. The WiiSpeak would be great!! tired of the the key board or the controller text if you dont have they keyboard, i dont even know if they make a keyboard compatable with the wii system. I’m excited for this game non the less!!! 29 days till it hits the states!!!!

  3. I have downloaded a Monster Hunter 3 on my PSP. Yet when i tried to play with it. the game cannot be loaded.. what happened?? please help me…

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