Left 4 Dead 2 BoyCott Ended

 Left4Dead 2 Boycott
Left4Dead 2 Boycott

The Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott group has officially been disbanded by the owners, Agent of Chaos and Walking_Dead. A group originally started to protest the release and support of the sequel, so why the break up?

Agent of Chaos states on their Steam Community space that they have accomplished their intended goals of the group. They have been protesting and trying to capture Valves attention since the start of the group, now they have met in person, they are coming to the end of their discussions. They say that their goal was only to get Valve’s attention and have them continue support of the original Left 4 Dead, not to inspire users to not purchase Left 4 Dead 2. They believe that they have succeeded in their mission, so things are coming to an end.

Sounds a bit overly dramatic for my taste. But honestly, they should be quite proud of themselves. Video game boycotts do not often work, but they have managed to get theirs to not only work, but get noticed by the developers of the game themselves. The co-founder of the Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott, Walking_Dead, says that it is now up to you, the players, to decide what is right for you. They have achieved their goals, and most likely improved the relationship between the developers and community for the future. They are certainly proud, as they should be, since they have most likely changed the way Valve will go about handling things with their games in the future.

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