Nexon Releases Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online
Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online is a 2D side scrolling online mmorpg game released by Nexon. It is quite a nostalgic experience for those of you who are retro gamers, and remember the days of Streets of Rage and Golden Axe. This game does an excellent job at offering you a variety of classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and giving you a reason to actually play all of them.

This game is not imbalanced with an unfair cash shop, which is great. A lot of Mmorpgs are destroyed due to an unfair cash shop that drives some of the users who can not afford to pay for premium items away. You can raise to the top tier of players without spending a dime, thankfully. Another thing you should note is that there are life tokens and a dungeon play bar. The life tokens are limited daily, if you die more times than the allotted amount of life tokens, you have to wait until 6 am the next day before your tokens reset and you can play again.Also, there is a bar, that decreases with every section of a dungeon you explore. Once that bar is depleted, you are unable to hunt in dungeons anymore until 6 am as well.

The game has an excellent skill and quest system. The skills are upgradeable and are quite flashy, which is sure to attract some of the more fighting oriented players. The quest system is great because it makes the grind of the game feel nonexistent. By constantly setting goals for you to achieve, the time will fly by quite easily, especially if you are a true Mmorpg fan. Level 18 is pretty much where the fun starts, as you are able to job advance, and you gain exclusive skills.

The player vs. player system works in a way that you are required to join a dedicated pvp server. After which you join a room started by a player, where you can alter the stage, the amount of players, and the type of match it is. The pvp system is where this game shines, because it comes down to skill, experience, and equipment. So for those people who tend to work hard and gather exceptional equipment, they will be able to do considerably well than those who just live to pvp. Not only that, but you can link your skills in order to allow you to do combos. Such as knocking you in the air, then catching you before you fall and doing a rushing throw, as characteristic of the Priest class.

The dungeons are pretty full and an interested addition. There are 4 levels to the dungeon maps. You have the regular map, the expert map, the masters road, and the kings road. These four levels increase the difficulty of the map, and to reach higher levels, you have to get a rank of B or more when defeating the boss and winning the dungeon. You get higher ranks by getting a high percentage of style and technical attacks, which can be done by using combos and attacking multiple enemies at once. This set up is ideal because it varies things up for those of you who may decide to back track throughout the dungeons.

Overall, this is my favorite mmorpg available at the moment. It offers a great player vs. monster system, has great pvp that can be started at an early level, and it has a likable feel towards the gameplay. The graphics are not too bad and the game play instills feelings of nostalgia as I mentioned earlier. For those of you who are interested in mmorpgs, pvp, or even retro beat ’em up style games, may find quite a lot of enjoyment from Dungeon Fighter Online by Nexon.

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