Microsoft Starting Xbox Live Rewards Program Testing

Xbox 360
Xbox 360

Microsoft has started conducting Xbox Live Rewards Program testing for those of you who have Xbox Live accounts. You may have been receiving an email from Xbox Live saying how out of the millions of active members, only a few will be chosen to win.

Surprisingly, when Microsoft was contacted for confirmation, they did indeed confirm that they are looking into ways to incorporate a rewards program for Xbox Live users. They say that they are constantly looking for ways to entertain and provide new and interesting things for their customers. They are currently looking into testing a pilot rewards program with a “select” amount of users in the Xbox Live community of the US. Though they have nothing more to say than that.

So far, the email that is sent has a sign up time period before the program ends, which is the 21st of October. The email simply requires you to do a survey, that gathers your thoughts on the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live service as a whole. Though unclear what the program will require you to do, it may reward you with things such as Microsoft Points, Free Xbox Live membership or even retail games. But what I am guessing this will require you to do is either take surveys for entry into these contests, or something else that benefits Microsoft without you knowing. Not saying that it is a bad thing though, since it does return back to the community.

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