Mmorpg genre gaining popularity?

All Points Bulletin
All Points Bulletin

It is pretty obvious that the mmorpg genre as of now is fairly popular, but how popular is it getting? Just like multiplayer is starting to completely replace single player,  mmorpg fashioned games may completely replace multiplayer games.

It is an interesting thought, for those of you who are actually trying to imagine the future of gaming, because it is something that has the possibility of happening. From a development perspective, having a mmorpg reduces the amount of games you need to create. Simply because of the amount of management one requires. But not only that, you make more money simply because of the subscription fee’s or premium items being sold through the game, which, contrary to popular belief, far out does the server costs if your game does moderately well.

The world is becoming more connected in a video gaming sense. Before, when games did not feature online match making, it would be all about the single player aspect, maybe including an option for offline cooperative play. But now, with the technology as advanced as ever, we are able to connect from opposing sides of the world, with the purpose of playing a game together. So now we have advanced match making, yes, and we are able to connect and play with people from all over the world. But the manner in which this is presented is quite different. You have to enter rooms, within a multiplayer game, to be able to play with others across the world.

While playing a mmorpg, you simply have to run into someone while going through the world, to be able to find a partner with which you want to do something. It offers a way for you to become much more social, makes the video game experience much more interactive and spontaneous, and in many cases, it just offers more fun period. Like the game in the picture to the upper left, All Points Bulletin, or APB for short. A game with one of the developers of the Grand Theft Auto original on the team, they pretty much managed to create an intricate and complex online mmorpg of cops and robbers. The game is looking fantastic, and will most likely sell out and make way more money than if it included the simply 16 player online mode that GTA4 had. The more players a game is able to support, the better popularity it achieves.

So I personally believe that within the future, near future at that, with the power of the consoles increasing, video game developers will begin to look towards a more unified form of gaming. I am pretty sure that mmorpg games will become the new standard in the video game industry, simply because of the possibilities it presents, the money it makes, and the benefits it brings.

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