Tekken 6 Update Coming To Eliminate Online Lag

Tekken 6 Image
Tekken 6

Namco Bandai is looking to release a Tekken 6 update that will eliminate the online lag, and improve the over all experience, which many reviews have been complaining about.

The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 online experience was widely ridiculed for the annoying abundance of lag, even seen in my own Tekken 6 Review. It does not have to do with your individual connection either, because many of the major reviews out there complained about the very same topic as well. This problem with online lag led to the disappointment of many of those who are fans of the fighting franchise. Namco Bandai is planning on releasing this downloadable update as soon as it has been properly tested and verified for working.

This update will be extremely enjoyed by many gamers. If you go online and read about some of the experiences that some are having while playing this game online, you will read tales of people abusing the lag to link combos that you will not be able to break out of. Not to mention the fact that the combos are hard enough to execute when you have a one or two second delay of the input from your controller. Then those who do manage to successfully get out their combos manage to link it into a juggling combo, which only causes further frustration within the players. So the release of an update to fix this online lag in Tekken 6 is a great thing. Namco Bandai is expected to reveal more information and a release date in the near future.

One thought on “Tekken 6 Update Coming To Eliminate Online Lag

  1. THANK GOD!!
    I m so tired of getting spammed by kazuya spin kicks :/
    I could easily block them and follow up with many of my moves without the input lag.
    And you know I can’t even use some of my moves because I feel cheap when I do, because I know the other person can really block them.
    I’ve been starting the game everyday PRAYING that there would be a patch to download…

    Can you give us an estimate Bandai Namco? Like it shoud be ready in a week? a month? longer? D:
    Now I dont want you to rush things and get it wrong again, but if you have something stable semi finished you can release over time, thats cool too. Just dont forget to mention it’s not the final fix, so people dont attack you.

    I wanna play online so much since none of my Tekken friends live close by anymore, but online aside, Tekken 6 as a fighting game (offline) is AWESOME!

    Whilst I wait, all I can say “Spirits give me strength”

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