Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Improvements

Activision's E3 2009 Lineup
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been released yesterday, and while I know that many of those who got it for the Xbox 360 hopped straight into the multiplayer, a lot of us decided to take the campaign for a spin to see how it is. It turns out that Modern Warfare 2 out ranks the Call of Duty 4 single player mode in many ways.

To start off, the campaign mode in this game has greatly increased in difficulty. I am only on the second hardest difficulty (out of four possible choices), and I have found myself dying on many occasions. I normally do not die either, so it is not like it is because of lacking skill. The one issue I have is finding cover during the missions, because some times you are in the open and being shot by enemies who completely surround you. Not only that, but when you get shot, blood splatters on your screen which hinders your vision, which makes the game a bit more harder. I know I am not the only one running into troubles with difficulty, but it is a good thing that this campaign is not as easy as the one offered in CoD4. There is not an unlimited amount of spawning enemies this time around, and you will find yourself able to take out militias and possibly walk throughout the map uninterrupted until the next check point.

The storyline of Modern Warfare 2 is jaw dropping. In one level, you find yourself as a spy with the Russians, going through an airport building, killing countless civilians with your light machine guns. It is a very dramatic level, as you shoot into crowds of innocent people, and then you see the aftermath of tons of bodies and pools of blood on the ground. Not only that, but you even get betrayed and killed, to make it seem like an American committed this mass murder, instead of the Russians. You will find the storyline much more bearable, and not the simple stale storyline that you may be expecting. Infinity Ward really out done their selves with the sheer effort they put in towards making the campaign much more epic and breath-taking than before.

The graphics is a pretty significant step up than before. The characters are visibly more detailed, as seen in one of the first levels when you are climbing an ice mountain and you see the detail in your partners clothing. The shadows are clearly better as well, and there are more lighting effects than that of before. The environments are incredibly detailed, much more so than in Call of Duty 4. You will certainly find looking at the war-torn environments a treat. At one point, there was an explosion that went off outside, in real time, and the gas and debris began to rise from the ground and it blocked out the sun momentarily. It is moments like that, that make me amazed at what this game has to offer. The music is also the great wartime music to be enjoyed, changing with the mood of the situation.

Infinity Ward has definitely implemented a series of improvements towards the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, and many of them are to be enjoyed. Playing through it, you will be able to encounter and gain experience with many of the guns that you will encounter in the multiplayer mode. This is one of the few times that I was actually attracted to playing the single player mode, opposed to the multiplayer mode. I definitely recommend all of you to play the Modern Warfare 2 campaign mode at least once.

2 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Improvements

  1. I agree that the graphics are jaw dropping and the campaign mode is really hard. I disagree that the storyline is good. In fact, I found it pretty stupid.


    First of all, why didn’t you, as a CIA agent just shoot the Russian Terrorist (name escapes me at the moment) in the airport scene. BOOM. Game over. Americans win. You could make it look like a coup.

    Second, I doubt our national satellite system or Europe’s satellite system would fail on that epic scale if a thousand Russian planes traveled to the United States in order to invade.

    Third, Shepard’s Betrayal makes absolutely no sense.

    Was the campaign awesome? Yeah, for the immersion. Not the story. I was constantly shaking my head in “wtf” mode when the story played itself out.

    Great post though!


  2. Yeah, you make good points, but I suppose I get excited over storylines easily, regardless of how cheesy or nonsensical they may be. I was particularly interested in the storyline due to the fact that I’ve been seeing these characters develop since Call of Duty 4, so seeing some of them actually die managed to tug on my heart a bit. Also, the voice acting was nothing short of amazing, which sort of raised my interest in the story line. But yeah, my friends have the same impression as you do, heh. Thanks!

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