Xbox Live’s Impact in the Video Game Industry


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Xbox Live has always been hailed as the best online video game service to be made to the available video game consoles. It started off as a fairly stable and efficient online service, but now has evolved to being two steps ahead of its competition, and you may be wondering why and how far it has come.


The original Xbox started off late into the console war, not getting much hype and facing some strong adversities. It was a fairly new console with little support going for it. It was going up against the heavy weight PlayStation 2, which had many games and heavy support going on for it already. So the Xbox had a small graphical superiority over the competition, but that would not be enough to attract a strong crowd towards it. So what else could make it become a highly competitive opponent? A strong online service.

So apparently, with the release of the Xbox 360, a completely new Xbox Live service was created which was ages ahead of the competition. Though is requires a monthly fee for the Xbox Live gold membership, which allows you to play your multiplayer Xbox 360 games, it has more players and higher activity than that of the PlayStation Network. Often finding ways to innovate the video game industry by offering some of the best features including Facebook, Netflix, Contests, Games on Demand services and more.

So as of today, it has reached a pretty impressive mark considering the origins. So what more can Microsoft do to innovate the online service even further? People are considering that they will finally bridge the gap between the PC online gaming community and the console gaming community. Uniting the two gaming crowds would be a momentous achievement that would surely keep them ahead of the game for years to come. But that would require a large effort on their part most likely, such as finding dedicated servers that could support such a large count of people.

Xbox Live has managed to raise the importance of gaming together, opposed to the days of playing exclusively single player games. It changed the direction of the video game industry, making the developers have to focus on providing the best multiplayer services and connectivity available, ultimately causing a small revolution within the gaming community. It is actually annoying some of the gamers who choose to hold true to their roots, and still demand a robust single player game. Which is generally a problem because the big companies tend to focus on providing an innovative and engaging multiplayer experience, while sometimes even rushing the single player campaign.

It is pretty clear that Microsoft caused a change of wind in the video game industry with the release of the Xbox Live service, and it will hopefully continue to innovate.

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