Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Styled PSP in Japan

Kingdom Hearts PSP-3000
Kingdom Hearts PSP-3000
In Japan, Sony has announced the release of an upcoming custom PSP. A silver PSP-3000 styled to respresent Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

This custom PlayStation Portable will be going on sale January 9th, 2010, and will also include Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep along with it. It will be going at a price of ¥22,000 in Japan, which equates to about $245 over here in America. But for those of you who are hoping for Sony to bring this bundle over here to America, sorry but it is highly unlikely for that to happen. Simply because the release date is not even announced for this region yet, and because Japan seems to keep its custom consoles to itself.

This is certainly great news for our fans across the world who are fans of this insanely popular franchise, behind the mastermind Tetsuya Nomura. For those of you unfamiliar with the franchise, it is a game of an interesting story line in which you combat the forces of darkness which tends to make use of the evil heartless. This time around, you get to take the role of a variety of different characters as you take a look into the past to find out about the big keyblade war. More importantly, this game can be seen as one of the first more sophisticated, or at least ambitious, games to enter the Kingdom Hearts franchise since Kingdom Hearts 2. So this Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep PSP bundle pack is a great incentive for users both old and new to get into the franchise.

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