Tekken 6 Free Downloadable Content Planned


Tekken 6 Image
Tekken 6

The producer of Tekken 6 told Playstation Europe that his team is planning the creation of additional DLC for this new fighting video game. What ever it is that they are planning, which sounds like it will be more than just a new outfit, it will be free.


When the Namco Bandai producer, Katsuhiro Harada, was asked if there are any plans for further downloadable content, and he responded in saying that there is a strong possibility that there will. If there is in fact one planned, he said that it would be free to the players as well.

This is pretty good news, because it makes it known that this is not just a quick patchup or fix. This seems to be truly added on content that you will be able to download for use. This is a good idea considering the issues the game had at first. Tekken 6 had online lag issues at first, that warranted the release of a patch to fix the networking issues. So I am pretty sure that they feel compelled to release any downloadable content that they would create for free, sort of in good faith as a response to their initial mess up.

The only issue I can see with making it free is that it would not be exclusive anymore. There are actually people out there that enjoy paying for their content, because it makes them stick out while playing online and it makes them exclusive in a way. Well, what ever the case is, if they do release new content for the game, it is good to know that we, the gamers, will be able to download it for free.

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