Final Fantasy XIII Perfume Announced

Final Fantasy XIII Perfume
Final Fantasy XIII Perfume
Square Enix has announced that a perfume will be released to specifically provide a fragrance that serves as a homage to Final Fantasy XIII, which will be available one month after the North American release of the game.

The different perfumes are said to be named after multiple characters within the video game. One of the confirmed fragrances is the 50 ml “Lightening” bottle, named after the main character of the same name, which will go for about $83 in the US. It has been confirmed to have hints of yellow peach, citrus, and other fruity and delightful smells to go along with it. This particular bottle will be ready by April.

People are saying that this is a bit much, and that Square Enix is milking the Final Fantasy series a bit too much now. They have recently announced that they will be coming out with their own line of drinks as well. It would really be something if this highly anticipated game turns out to be a standard rpg game without any stand out features. I wish the best for Final Fantasy XIII, and hopefully, the new perfume coming out will be as good as the game is.

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