Grand Theft Auto IV Best Video Game Ever Made

Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto IV was highly praised and well reviewed since its release into the video game industry, but does it deserve title of best video game ever made?

Grand Theft Auto IV is the latest addition to the GTA franchise, and it made an impact on the video game industry as a whole, definitely. It possibly has one of the best story lines that you will be able to find in a game currently on consoles. Parting from the “gangster” image that it once honed, and now taking the role as an immigrant who takes upon the task of revenge. You will find that this is a story of love, hate, betrayal and moral choices to be made by you, the player. A definite requirement for one of the best video games ever made is definitely a well thought out and planned story line, which Rockstar Games has definitely managed to display with GTAIV.

Another quality that one of the best games ever made would have to possess is great and current technology. Apparently, Rockstar took that a step further and made GTAIV hold some of the most advance technology made available to the video game industry. The animation in the game is superb and one of the most detailed displays of animation within a video game. You will find that when you are walking on unleveled your posture will adjust to the surface. For example, if you are walking on a sidewalk, one foot may be on the street and one other foot may be on the sidewalk. The graphics are pretty amazing as well, especially on high definition quality. Definitely no problems with that particular aspect of the game. The music… well, there is no background music, but there are radio stations that you can listen to that are definitely entertaining to listen to. Mainly comedic stations, and actually some real world music to listen to, such as Kanye West and Movado.

The gameplay is what definitely makes this game so ground breaking. Not only are the missions action packed and intense, but there are multiple ways to execute a mission. You can use whatever guns you want, whatever way you want to. If you want to blow up the place, then go ahead, if you want to snipe, you can, if you want to go in guns blazing, grab a shot gun or sub machine gun and go on. But the greatest entertainment that I am given by this video game is definitely by the vigilante missions. It can be so amazing and intense at times. When you are tasked with executing a gang that is having some activity in an area, you will find that they may be large in numbers, about a group of 8, and they are definitely packed with powerful weapons. The last vigilante mission I did with a gang task, I was being pressured by two of the members throwing the grenades at me simultaneously with a sniper in back picking at me and two people with assault machine guns keeping me at bay. To say the least, it looked amazing to see cars being exploded and being shot up into the air left and right, and the screen shaking so violently that you can not even aim properly.

This game is definitely one of the best games ever made, and on my list, the top game ever made. The graphical quality, the animation and the engaging game play is definitely one of the best creations made available in the video game industry.

Dungeon Fighter Receiving Major Update

Dungeon Fighter Online

For all of you Dungeon Fighter fans, whether you  are a current player of the game or not, you should know that Nexon will be releasing a patch that will be sure to please the whole lot of you.

First off, there has been a lot of people complaining about the leveling curve being too steep. You will find that you will take a couple of days just to reach the level of 18, which is comparably quicker in many other mmorpg’s that are currently available in the market today. With that, they have chosen to release a patch for the holidays that will lessen the leveling curve so that you may reach level 18 and thus acquire your job quicker than previously. A great thing for those of you who like to make multiple characters to test the waters for every class there is.

Not only that, but there is also double exp events and the entrance of snow into the town. Apparently, the snow will also give a touch of added exp while you go out hunting in dungeons as well. Which brings me to the next point of a new dungeon tutorial being added as well. This is something that is not quite necessary to us hardcore gamers, but it is a great thing for the minority that are actually new to gaming.

Some of us were wondering if this would have been the patch to bring in the much anticipated thief class finally. This class is personally what I have been waiting for and it seems to be one of the funnest classes available in Dungeon Fighter Online, or at least in the Japanese version. Well, it still allows for much improvement to say the least, so we have something to look forward to. Leveling will be a much smoother experience this time around in Dungeon Fighter Online.

Left 4 Dead 2 Mods To Support Custom Special Infected

Left 4 Dead 2
Left 4 Dead 2

Valve recently announced the delay of the Left 4 Dead 2 SDK, much to the dismay of the many modders out there in the L4D2 community waiting to get their hands on this development kit. However, news regarding the capabilities of this SDK has been released, which managed to alleviate some of the disappointment that they felt. This kit will support custom infected, survivors, weapons and more.

Custom models are supported and this has been confirmed by a group who managed to give it a test run. Special infected, survivors, weapons are all able to be customized now. The weapon functionality can also be altered, which means that you can have custom survivors, special and common infected and new weapons particularly formatted to your campaign. This is nearing the power given when giving you are aiming to do a total overhaul, or make a game based of another games engine. These capabilities will now require the modding community to raise the standard of what is to come, simply because they have less limitations put onto them.

This is certainly a great initiative taken by Valve and is sure to increase the appeal of the Left 4 Dead franchise even more now. In any event, you can count on the Left 4 Dead 2 mods becoming much more interesting.

Valve: Team Fortress 2 Update Without New Game Mode

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2

Valve recently updated Team Fortress 2, one of their prize first person shooter games, and fixed bugs as well as added new sound files for the games announcer. As well as newly referencing the friendship, betrayals and mercenaries. But to the dismay of many TF2 fans, there has been no added game mode.

While not every one has heard the Announcer’s new dialog in game, some Team Fortress 2 players have. Valve flatly says that the update is not related, nor was it intended to, to a new game type.  Robin Walker, apart of Valve, goes on to say that there is something planned for TF2, but it is not a new game mode. Understanding the new sound files requires you to figure out who is hearing them while playing the game, and who is not.

Sounds like a basic update to the game. I still hear some people crying for a soldier update in the game, just for the sake of having it, however. In any event, maybe if the desire for a new game mode in Team Fortress 2 is high enough, Valve may actually release it in an update.

PlayStation 3 Modern Warfare 2 Javelin Glitch Fix Coming Soon

Modern Warfare 2

A Modern Warfare 2 update recently hit the Playstation 3, update 1.05, but this patch does not fix the Javelin glitch that everyone complains of so much.

However, Robert Bowling, the Infinity Ward community manager, made a tweet that says update 1.05 will fix some of the matchmaking issues. However, the update after that, update 1.06, is still in the works and will fix the Javelin exploit, fix areas in the map where players may get stuck in, and other minor fixes.

This update is expected to be delivered as soon as possible, but there is no official release date for this patch. It is interesting to see the contrast of punishment between cheaters on Xbox Live and those on the PlayStation Network. While Microsoft is banning those who do the Javelin exploit, it seems that Sony is not paying much attention to it. I honestly think that is the cooler approach, because while this exploit is a bit annoying, there are some in the army who suicide bomb…

To be honest, it makes the game more hectic and even fun at times, if you are doing this with the danger close perk on a small map such as Rust. What many people do not know about this exploit is that it is nullified if the exploiter uses their knife. So if you sacrifice your self and let yourself be knifed by the person doing the glitch, then he can not kill anyone else with the suicide explosion, which not many people know about.