Valve: Team Fortress 2 Update Without New Game Mode

Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2

Valve recently updated Team Fortress 2, one of their prize first person shooter games, and fixed bugs as well as added new sound files for the games announcer. As well as newly referencing the friendship, betrayals and mercenaries. But to the dismay of many TF2 fans, there has been no added game mode.

While not every one has heard the Announcer’s new dialog in game, some Team Fortress 2 players have. Valve flatly says that the update is not related, nor was it intended to, to a new game type.  Robin Walker, apart of Valve, goes on to say that there is something planned for TF2, but it is not a new game mode. Understanding the new sound files requires you to figure out who is hearing them while playing the game, and who is not.

Sounds like a basic update to the game. I still hear some people crying for a soldier update in the game, just for the sake of having it, however. In any event, maybe if the desire for a new game mode in Team Fortress 2 is high enough, Valve may actually release it in an update.

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